A Few of my “Must Have” Photography Props

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite photography props when setting up still life images.

Props are what are used to support and add meaning to the main subject in a photo, although I often refer to the main subject as a prop as well. Of course prop ideas are endless, and are a personal preference, but I find people gravitate to certain things .. these are mine:

If I had to choose only a few props for my tabletop still life photography they would be:

*a beautiful background, in this case it’s my little garden tabletop, but my “Whitewashed” background placed on a table works beautifully!

*a coffee cup and spoon


*something to scatter

*a small vase to hold the main subject: a sweet bouquet of daisies

"Cracked Pepper" 24″ x 36″ Super Smooth 15 oz Matte Vinyl

When it comes to food photography and flat lays, I’m addicted to:

*a beautiful background (Cracked Pepper)

*matte dishes (particularly round dishes and boards)

*a coffee cup or small pitcher

*pinch bowls

*vintage or handcrafted utensils

“Burnished Bronze” 20″ x 36″ vinyl photography background durable, portable, realistic

Favourite props when it comes to seasonal flat lays:

*a beautiful background to set the tone (Burnished Bronze)

*the focal prop (wreath), and something to support the Christmastime theme such as paper pinwheels

*extra greenery


*something to scatter (metal snowflakes, leaves, pine cones, pebbles)

Disclaimer: I have gazillions of props ; ) but I do tend to gravitate towards certain items and use them over and over in some form or another.

I’d like to add another bit of advice from a collector of dishes .. never pass up matte dishes! Matte dishes are invaluable when setting up for food photography! One thing to keep in mind though, is even if the pattern inside the dish is so very pretty, it most likely will be covered up by food. You’ll have to determine if that’s going to be ok with you, and in my case it most often is!

Have a favourite prop? I’d love to hear!

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