Cracked Pepper


Our Cracked Pepper vinyl background is a concrete-style background boasting shades of grey with black speckles. This clean, understated background works as well in a rustic farmhouse kitchen setting as a modern minimalist one. It is the colour of a cloud-covered sky, of ash and of lead, and is the perfect neutral background for any type of photography.

Super Smooth 15 oz Matte Vinyl
24″ x 36″
Clear, Sharp Graphics

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“Cracked Pepper”
Super Smooth 15 oz Matte Vinyl
LARGER SIZE: 24″ x 36″
Clear, Sharp Graphics
Our Super Smooth 15 oz Matte vinyl backgrounds are affordable, durable, portable, lightweight, and realistic. They are perfect for product photography, food photography, still life photography, stock photography, blogging, social media and people on the go.