Ways to Use Herb Tags in Your Images

There are many ways to use herb tags in your still life photography. I often use tags in flat lays but they look great when shooting “into the frame”. Shooting into the frame is sometimes referred to as “lifestyle photography”.

I currently have these herb tags available in the Shop for $10.00.

The focus in the following image is definitely on the sweet pot of herbs, but the tags, string, and scissors in the lower left corner of the frame add depth and add to the story. It looks like I’m snipping herbs for dinner, hence the “Sunday Suppers” cookbook. At the same time it looks like I may also be snipping a few herbs to tie up in bunches to dry.

Herb pot, thyme, books, herb tags, string. SUNDAY SUPPERS, KAREN MORDECHAI

The tags don’t have to be the centre of attention, but rather a small detail that adds to the overall image:

Herb pot, thyme, books, herb tags, string. Herbarium.

Try using these herb tags in “real life” as labels for your herbs. Since they’re so cute, they also make a lovely gift!

Herb jars, thyme, herb tags, string. Basil, Rosemary, Sage.
“Workbench” and “Old Flaky”

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Ways to use herb tags in your images. Herb tags, herbs, scissors, string. Oregano, Sage, Rosemary, Savory, Lemon thyme.

Backgrounds by Barb, Photography, Styling, Backgrounds.

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  1. Barb,
    Love your images. And can’t wait to use the beautiful new tags 🏷️ I need to remember to pick up some herbs 🪴 at the store 😁 fresh ones …

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