I’m Obsessed ..

My fascination with backgrounds has grown during the last few years and has become a bit of an obsession .. but, I’d rather say it’s a passion. I love to photograph/acquire, develop, name, and describe new backgrounds. I can spend as much time naming and describing a background as I can photographing it .. now that is a bit of an obsession!

I especially love a simple flat lay such as the garlic in the following photo .. the garlic is the star but the background, the pinch pots, and linen napkin complement the tones in the garlic.

This background has been retired, but some of you may have previously purchased it. It’s “Desert Plum” and the description read “the natural properties of stone lend a sophisticated and aged elegance to our Desert Plum vinyl background. This beautiful background with hints of mauve, taupe, and light brown features hairline cracks and small chips“. In the descriptions I try to point all the details that make the background unique and interesting. When I talk about the colours in a background, I use the colour picker in Photoshop to determine exactly what they are.

Garlic on “Desert Plum” (retired)

Or, possibly you don’t have a floor that works for your photos? no problem .. Espresso 2.0 to the rescue!

Espresso 2.0 used as a “floor”

I’ll confess, I’m so obsessed I love to browse other background sites .. I find them fascinating and inspirational. It’s not about copying them, it’s about appreciating them. And to prove that, I’m sharing a few .. and I believe they all ship worldwide. One of my absolute favourites is Errer Backdrops, they’re based in the Netherlands, but as I said, they ship worldwide. Another site I like is “Woodville Workshop”. The work they do is mind blowing. You’ve probably heard of “Captured by Lucy Backdrops” and “Black Velvet Styling”.

As I mentioned in my last post “Shop Updates“, I will have my Shop restocked very soon. I’m bringing back some “oldies” but “goldies” and I also have a couple brand new designs to share.

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