Paper Lover

I’m a paper lover .. a crafter, a scrapper, and a once-upon-a-time card maker. I even used to make homemade paper out of flyers, bouquet wraps, and cardboard.

So of course of I’m completely entranced by all the paper stars I’ve been seeing “out there”. Have you seen the reels on Instagram? The algorithm has been feeding me reel upon reel upon reel of how-to’s and I am completely mesmerized.

But so far, I’ve only made the kind with one rectangle folded back and forth and tied in the centre. Those are the big ones you see here. I used a lightweight double-sided scrapbook paper as it’s a bit heavier than wrapping paper and more durable. Make sure it’s the lightweight scrapbook paper or it becomes too hard to fold.

The small Metallic Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments are from Crate and Barrel. Note .. this link may not work after Christmas, but you get the idea : )

Espresso 2.0

For a totally different vibe .. these stars are from wrapping paper and the brown tones are much warmer than the previous blue tones. Both images were shot on Espresso 2.0 with completely different results in terms of tones.

Espresso 2.0

This tutorial by Nordic Stories is epic and super simple (on my list to do next). If you want a truly spectacular and easy star, this is it!

I wish I had more time to try out ALL the stars, but alas time got away on me and it’s almost Christmas! I’m beyond excited this year as we’re going home (up north) to be with family and friends. I’ll be back to our little AZ getaway in January .. hopefully refreshed and reinvigorated!

As ever .. thanks for being here xo

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