How I Got Inspired Again – Part II

Today I have a few more musings to add to my last post “How I Got Inspired Again“.

For quite some time I’ve been limited as to where I am able to take my camera and explore (severe arthritis). The only choice I have at the moment is either in my house or in my back yard. Luckily I live on a beautiful acreage on a lake and I have a lovely yard to play in. Sometimes though, when everything is so familiar, it gets hard to “see” the magic.

But as luck would have it, the day before I went into the hospital for a total knee replacement, it snowed. I was immediately inspired. I love snow .. I love snowy days .. and I love winter.

I grabbed my camera and a little fold-up stool and headed outside.

The Garden Shed

Snow makes everything so enchanting ..

I’m now 2 weeks and 3 days post surgery. I’m not gonna lie .. it’s been challenging. Surgery went well, my knee is healing, and I’m doing what they call “exercises” but I call “rehabilitation“. It’s hard work and it seems to take up all my time.

I’ve come to accept that I will never be completely free of arthritis, but I still dream about picking up my camera and getting back to my creative self. In the meantime, I’ll show up here with a few more “Just a Thought” posts and who knows .. perhaps some more snowy photos!

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