Burnished Bronze is Back!

Hello friends .. great news! Our elegant Burnished Bronze background is back by popular demand, and just in time for Christmas. It’s a mix of copper, tin, and gold hues, and when combined with a distinct scratched brown patina it’s absolutely lustrous!

Its the same Burnished Bronze as before but in a larger size (24″x36″) and is now printed on the new Super Smooth, 15 oz Matte Vinyl (which is a joy to work with!)

I love using lots of rusty props with this background and the touch of green eucalyptus makes this mostly monochromatic image pop.

After playing around and spending hours editing these wintry images, I decided to create a Lightroom preset specifically for this Burnished Bronze background.

The preset is named “Burnished Light” and it adds a warm, subtle, matte glow with a muted hazy effect. This preset tends to make an image too dark, which is super easy to adjust by upping the exposure. It works best with this type of image.

I’m considering offering this preset for free in a future post.

“Burnished Bronze” 20″ x 36″ vinyl photography background durable, portable, realistic

When I was creating my preset, I found this article from “Pretty Presets” very helpful. It’s not something a person learns overnight (that “person” being me), but it did help me understand Tone Curves in Lightroom a bit better.

Let me know if you try it and if you have any questions.

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  1. Barb,
    I am so happy to see you creating again. This is so beautiful and exciting. Love all your new and out of retirement backgrounds.

    Ann xxx

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