A Gratitude Moment

Before I leave this little space for the rest of the month, I want to thank all who visited my last post, read my story, and left words of encouragement on my upcoming surgery. Also, thanks to everyone who commented on Instagram or sent direct messages of support and inspiration—it’s been very much appreciated.

I’m ready to go .. bag is packed, freezer and pantry are stocked up, and every scrap of clothing is washed, folded and put away (nervous energy ; )

All orders for this month have been packed and shipped, and although the Shop is open (I can’t shut it down) shipping will be delayed until July 28th. If an order comes in I’ll send out a gentle reminder that it will be delayed. Much thanks to all who support my little Shop!

I do have a couple posts written and ready to go that may pop up here as I’m recovering. They’re mostly in response to my post “Ask Me a Question” but I do want to get back here as soon as possible. It’s my creative outlet for the time being until I truly get back on my feet.

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