Spotlight on: Planted and Picked

Today’s customer spotlight is on a beautiful website I discovered when Scott began using my backgrounds to highlight the delicious recipes featured on it. I feel extremely honoured that he trusted my backgrounds enough to use them for many posts on Planted and Picked. The recipes are plant-based, beautifully presented, and look delicious! I highly recommend you pop over and have a peek.

Here’s a little quote from Scott:

I’m the photographer at Planted and Picked and I also take care of all of the technical side of our site. I’ve always been my happiest as a creative and I believe that food that is visually appealing has a head start to satisfying our palate.


Thanks to Scott for sharing these beautiful images and recipes .. totally mouthwatering!

Planted and Picked
Quinoa With Summer Vegetables
Flavourful Falafel
Simple Asparagus Rigatoni
Vegan Crabless Cakes
Spring Pesto Risotto
Vegan Pasta Alfredo


  1. Thank you so much Barb, your backgrounds always look fantastic and do well to pull the various elements of a shot together in a way that we hope makes our visitors hungry! I love working with them and having lots of selection, without the need to haul around larger and heavier backgrounds.

    1. Absolutely my pleasure, Scott! as I said, I’m honoured that you trusted my backgrounds enough to use them on your beautiful site. Thank you!

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