Our Slate vinyl background is a rich, dramatic, mysterious blend of dark blue with thick patches of muted rust. Covered with scratches from top to bottom, it hints of slate or an old cast iron surface and will work beautifully with food, flowers, books, and vintages treasures.

This dark blue/black slate will go with a wide range of colours. It could form a winter-inspired palette alongside deep reds and olive green (which is its complementary colour on the colour wheel.) The combination of yellow and dark blue is striking and reminiscent of the night sky.The colours that pair well with dark blue include: orange, yellow, olive, light blue, dusty rose, and gold.

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How do I use the backgrounds? *for flat lays, place the background on a smooth surface such as a large piece of white foam core *backgrounds are best suited for top-down photography with the camera positioned at least 2-3 feet above *not recommended for macro photography  

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“Slate” 20″ x 36″ vinyl photography background: durable, portable, realistic