A little bit about me ..

I’m a photography enthusiast, lover of Lightroom, and former Photoshop instructor with a passion for still life photography. I’ve been practicing still life photography for over 10 years and am especially in love with flat lay (top down) images.

I use a printed background in over 90% of my flat lay images. Not only do I love the look and versatility, but as a person dealing with arthritis it’s become too difficult to haul around heavy boards and tables.

“Backgrounds by Barb” is an on-line shop offering printed photography backgrounds for bloggers, food photographers, product photographers, stock photographers, and still life photography enthusiasts.

I’m a retired woman of a certain age, married to the love of my life. I’m also the proud mother to 2 beautiful daughters and over-the-top proud grandmother to 5 precious grandchildren.

I discovered photography in 2010 when I first started blogging at Keeping With the Times. I blogged for 8 years and it was there I made many online friends that I still follow today on Instagram. It was inspiring and fun, and I hope to regain some sense of that blogging fun here on my new site.

My home is Canada where I live with my husband in our beautiful little dream home on a small lake, surrounded by nature, and close to long-time friends.

I now spend winters with my husband in sunny, warm, beautiful Arizona where we explore, bike, shop, and eat (a lot ; )

Some of my favorite things